Arunachal Pradesh

With a region of around 8.4 mn ha, Arunachal Pradesh imparts its worldwide fringe to Bhutan toward the west (217 km), China toward the north and upper east (1,080 km) and Myanmar toward the east (520 km). The geographic area of the state gives colossal chances to worldwide exchange with South Asian nations.


The state is supplied with an evergreen backwoods front of more than 82%. Rich widely varied vegetation of the state are portrayed by 601 types of orchids and more than 500 types of therapeutic plants. Real ventures of the state incorporate farming, craftsmanship and artworks, weaving, stick and bamboo, cultivation, power and mineral-based industry. The state has one of the most astounding possibilities for creating hydro-control in India.


Key up and coming venture incorporates:


Shrewd Cities Mission, for which Pasighat and Itanagar are the urban communities recognized in Arunachal Pradesh


Proposed mechanical hall:


East-West Industrial Corridor in upper east India, with a plan to enhance availability of north-eastern states with whatever is left of India