FDI foreign direct investment had profited India so much by investing in India as India companies had less investment and high profit and there are so much profitable business ideas in India. These are some good points that why invest in India’s oil and gas industry.

Refining for the World

India is Fourth biggest LNG merchant after Japan, South Korea and China, India represents 7.4% of the aggregate worldwide exchange.

The nation has turned into world’s quickest developing vitality showcase.

India is the third biggest vitality shopper and oil customer on the planet after China and USA. Oil and gas represented around 35 % share in India’s vitality utilization.

Import of Crude oil amid Apr-Nov, 2016 was 143.8 MMT (USD 45.4 bn), an expansion of 9.3% over FY 15-16. Imports of oil based goods amid Apr-Nov, 2016 was 24.6 MMT (USD. 6.6 bn), an expansion of 29.3% throughout the most recent year.

The interest for oil based commodities is evaluated to achieve 244,960 MT by 2021-22

Center to lessen Oil and Gas imports reliance from 77 % to 67% by the year 2022

Gas creation will probably contact 90 bn cubic meter by 2040

100% FDI permitted in investigation exercises of oil and gaseous petrol fields under programmed course. 49% FDI permitted in oil refining by the Public Sector Undertakings (PSU), with no disinvestment or weakening of residential value in the current PSUs under programmed course.


Industry Scenario

India has risen as a refinery center point.

India’s present refining limit remains at 230.1 MMPTA, containing 23 refineries. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) rose as the biggest residential refiner with a limit of 69.2 MMTPA.

Top three organizations – RIL, IOC and BPCL – contribute around 65.5% of India’s aggregate refining limit while HPCL and CPCL contributes 6.7% and 5.1% separately.

Utilization of oil based commodities in India remained at 184.7 MMT in FY15-16, 194.6 MMT in FY16-17 and 204.9 MMT in 2017-18 (temporary). Besides, amid FY17, the creation of oil based commodities by fractionators was 3,458 (‘000) MT.


The creation of raw petroleum was 36.9 MMT amid FY15-16 and 36 MMT amid FY 16-17. The creation of oil based commodities was 231.9 MMT amid FY15-16, 243.5 MMT amid FY16-17 and is relied upon to achieve 254.4 MMT in FY 17-18.


Key approaches

Coalbed Methane (CBM), a flighty wellspring of gaseous petrol is currently considered as an elective hotspot for enlarging India’s vitality asset. India has the fifth biggest demonstrated coal saves on the planet and along these lines holds noteworthy prospects for investigation and abuse of CBM. The anticipated CBM assets in the nation are around 92 TCF (2600 BCM) in 12 conditions of India. Keeping in mind the end goal to tackle CBM potential in the nation, the Government of India detailed CBM strategy in 1997 wherein CBM being Natural Gas is investigated and misused under the arrangements of OIL Fields (Regulation and Development) Act 1948 (ORD Act 1948) and Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules 1959 (P&NG Rules 1959) managed by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MOP&NG).


FDI Facts

FDI inflows (in USD) in April 2000 – December 2017

FDI share w.r.t. add up to FDI got in India

FDI permitted under programmed course in Petroleum refining by PSU, without disinvestment of weakening of residential value in existing PSUs

FDI is permitted in investigation exercises of oil and flammable gas fields, foundation identified with advertising of oil based commodities and gaseous petrol, showcasing of petroleum gas and oil based goods, oil based good pipelines, flammable gas/pipelines, LNG Regasification framework, advertise study and definition and Petroleum refining in the private area, under programmed course.


Government Ministry/Department

Service of Petroleum and Natural Gas

Directorate General of Hydrocarbons

Oil Industry Safety Directorate

Oil Industry Development Board

Community For High Technology

Oil and Natural Gas Regulatory Board


Industry Associations

Oil Conservation Research Association

Oil Planning and Analysis Cell

Oil and Natural Gas Regulatory Board