Investment Consultancy

In previous few years, it has been observed that in India, the environment of doing business has changed drastically. From improvement point of view, administrative support till doing routine business, everything has moved towards ease of doing business.

What all support Corevyan can provide?

Corevyan is meant to serve the Investors in India for any kind of support from the initial feasibility study, land lease/ land acquisition, contractor for architect work, mechanical work, civil work, project supervision, finance options etc. We also ensure for customized services wherever required on the basis of Investor’s need and requirements.

Key Areas of Investments in India

In our opinion, every country is looking for reducing its imports and increasing it’s domestic manufacturing and exports. Same is the case with India as well, India is promoting ‘Make in India’ for all those products which are imported in large quantity. Key areas where Corevyan’ think one may invest are:

  • Electronic Equipment’s
  • Gems, Precious Metals
  • Plastics
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Iron or Steel Products
  • Fertilizers
  • Food processing machines etc.

How Investing in India is a more beneficial proposal?

Although investment in all over Asia has increased in last few years and this region has been taken as the most progressive one in the 21st Century. Most rapidly growing countries are in this region as envisaged from GDP growth rate.

However, if we particularly talk about India, it is a hub of investment opportunity. Following are the specific key reasons for Investment in India:

  1. Availability of talented resources for all domain and functions
  2. Huge natural resources
  3. Investor friendly Government policies
  4. Tax incentives in most of the states.
  5. Export benefits also granted for various products
  6. Availability of Raw Material, cheaper manpower cost
  7. Easy availability of big business houses, if Joint Venture option is adopted

Corevyan are one of the good consulting companies in India/Bangladesh  providing management consulting services on innovation, strategy, problem solving and business transformation to our clients for India/ Bangladesh.