We are an independent India Entry consulting firm that helps international companies to be successful in India/Bangladesh


Core Vyan is a Global Organization more focused in Asian Region and gradually marking its steps in other Regions. We believe in ‘Togetherness’ and ‘Hand Holding’ therefore, we provide Solutions in all the Domains including but not limited to Apparel, Accessories, Power, Oil and Gas, Food Services, Consumer goods, Medical Services, IT/ Corporates Services.

Corevyan Global consulting company that provides management consulting services to companies based out of India/Bangladesh  and the Asia Pacific area.We are the biggest Channel Partners of some of the Renowned Brands in the World for Brand Creation, Distribution Channel, Treading and other Solutions. Strength of the Organization is its Core Values and highly professional and experienced team.

Our custom market research service will help you to make decision for your business expansion and our business consulting services guide in finding infrastructure in India/Bangladesh

Management consulting firm in India/Bangladesh  advising top companies from all sectors on strategy, marketing, transformation By Corevyan India/Bangladesh.

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