Argentina: Country Overview and Investment Opportunities

Argentina: Country Overview and Investment Opportunities


In December 2015, President Mauricio Macri’s organization took office with the mission to lead a social, political and financial change to accomplish long haul and practical financial development. Aggressiveness constitutes one of the center columns in the administration’s plan.

As a stage in normalizing noteworthy financial lopsided characteristics, the administration expelled outside trade controls, led a broad audit of wasteful appropriations and settled with obligation default holdouts, returning, as a result, to global capital markets, among others.



President Macri’s coalition won in ongoing Argentine mid-term races which fortifies its situation to confront the various difficulties ahead.

While amidst an expansive change, Argentina gives especially intriguing venture openings in numerous segments: framework and open works, vitality, inexhaustible vitality, agribusiness, oil and gas, mechanical merchandise and enterprises, and media communications and high innovation.

This distribution expects to give a short review of the nation and develop the speculation open doors for the next years.


Argentina initially

  • Third biggest economy in Latam, with a GDP of + US$500b
  • Second most astounding GDP per capita in buying power equality
  • Populace of in excess of 40 million
  • Eighth biggest nation on the planet, with 53% of arable land (13% created)
  • Expansive oil and gas (customary and whimsical) and mineral stores
  • Gigantic assortment of normal assets, including land reasonable for domesticated animals and products, fisheries, oil, gas and minerals
  • 1.8 million college understudies
  • 500,000 employments are required to be made with US$100b in venture
  • Key connections and reciprocal settlements; G-20, Mercosur, Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)
  • Individual from the World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Speculation debate.

Fundamental accomplishments of President Macri’s organization

  1. Liberation of outside trade controls
  2. Settlement with obligation default holdouts
  3. Return to global money related markets in both open and private segments
  4. Reduction of capital cost (see Emerging Markets Bonds Index development graph)
  5. Increasing of Central Bank holds
  6. Gas and power tax survey, decrease of wasteful appropriations
  7. Regularization of the National Institute of Statistics (INDEC) and evacuation of Global Monetary Fund reproach
  8.  Reduction of fare levies on agrarian and mining items
  9. Execution of one of the biggest expense reprieve program around the world: around US$116.8b (21.6% of GDP 2016) were proclaimed, producing US$9.6b in punishments
  10. Public-Private Partnership Law to pull in long haul framework speculations
  11.  Business-accommodating laws to encourage and boost development in little and medium-sized endeavors (SME)
  12. Venture Capital Law to animate Entrepreneurship including tax breaks and financing programs
  13. Launch of immense foundation program and sustainable power source design
  14. Public-private associations understandings to boost particular division ventures
  15. Active coordination with the world: administration position in Mercosur/European Union exchange talks, quick track procedure to join Organization for Monetary Co-task and Development (OECD), host of the 2018 G-20 Summit, concurrences with various nations
  16. GDP grew 2.7% quarter over quarter in 2Q-17 and 1.6% y/y

Difficulties for 2018 and past

Reduction of swelling rate. Amassed swelling rate as of September 2017 was 18%, and estimated yearly expansion rate is 22% for 2017, over the swelling focus of 17%. By and by, both are beneath 2016 yearly swelling rate of 36.6%. The Central Bank declared a swelling focus of 8%-12% for 2018 and 3.5%-6.5% for 2019.

Reduction of monetary deficiency. Essential deficiency for the main semester of 2017 was 1.5% of GDP, underneath focus of 4.2% (yearly). Essential shortages focuses of 3.2% and 2.2% of GDP were set for 2018 and 2019, separately.

GDP development. Yearly financial development projections are over 3% for the coming years (see diagram on next slide)

Investments stream and work age. Remote and household venture declarations add up to a sum of around 700 undertakings for about USD 74 bn. (Dec-15 to Aug-17).

Current Status

 Roads and Highways

  • High centralization of trucks
  • High costs (compensation, diesel)
  • Low multi-purpose availability
  • Only 7% of motorways/interstates
  • < 35% of streets are cleared, a much lower rate than a portion of its territorial associates

Railroad cargo lines

  • Only 5% of cargo is transported by rail (expanding costs)
  • Substandard offices and gear
  •  Low effectiveness because of normal speed of 12-15 km/h
  •  Intra-and between modular coordination

Water and sanitation

Waste water treatment infiltration is between 15 – 20%, contrasted with 70% in Brazil and 96% in Chile

Open private association (PPP) administration review

In December 2016, the National Congress passed the alleged a Public-private organization charge (27.328). It is an abnormal state system that blueprints the general managing standards and certain compulsory terms that must be incorporated into any PPP contract identified with foundation, administrations, generation or advancement. The Ministry of Finance characterized the initial 60 PPP extends and anticipates ventures for US$26b.

Primary arrangements and advantages of the PPP administration

    • Transparent, adaptable and aggressive acquirement process which can be started either through an open delicate or by private activity; also, the bill gives another apparatus – Competitive Dialog Basis.
    • Mitigation of money dangers
    • Prohibition of indexation is barred.
    • Possibility of the compensation is to be paid in outside money.
    • Elimination of a few forces of open experts. In expansion, the Government has a privilege to singularly change an agreement just as to the extent of activities what’s more, in the event that it speaks to close to 20% of the aggregate contract esteem; furthermore, the contractual worker must be enough adjusted.

      Long haul get ready for 2025: 10,000 MW

      Law 27191

  1. Creation of another reserve trust in request to ensure PPA’s and co- financing
  2. First delicate for 1,000 MW has been as of now submitted
  3. Reaching 2,000 – 3,000 MW in the next three years
  4. Benefits include:
  5. Accelerated Depreciation
  6. Temporary exception of least assumed salary assess
  7. Early Refund of VAT Inputs that surpass VAT yields.
  8. Exemption of import obligations.
  9. Extension to from 5 to 10 years the statute of constraint of NOLs.

Speculation openings in vitality

Argentina has bounteous mineral stores and 75% of its mining surface stays unexplored and 90% of concession territories are in beginning times of investigation (44 ventures). As indicated by investigators, there is US$400b worth of undiscovered mining assets

Underground in Argentina.

There are 750,000 km² of high potential mining regions and 183,000 Km² of allowed mining rights.


As of 2016, President Macri killed a 5% assess forced by the past organization on mining trades.


The administration intends to send a mining bill to the National Congress that would allow open-pit mines to work all through the nation as a major aspect of a push to kick off interest in the part.


In Argentina, around US$30b are expected to create gold, silver, copper, lithium and potash, among others.