Automation or Augmentation

The way we work is changing and the future suggests numerous fascinating conversation starters for us: What effect will the consistent advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have on our work? Will there be a need to work later on? What is the part of people in a computerized world?

New innovations like enormous information, the blockchain, man-made brainpower, mechanical autonomy, Internet of Things and so forth won’t just upset outlining, generation, administration and upkeep of items and administrations however will likewise change the way we work. A couple of cases are as of now being seen: IBM’s Watson is being sent in fields, for example, tumor diagnostics through AI, Rio Tinto in Australia has several driverless trucks to transport minerals and the H&R Block – one of America’s biggest expense specialist organizations is utilizing supercomputers to finish routine undertakings.


How does this influence India? There are one million youthful Indians entering the workforce consistently. Occupation creation has not kept pace with work request, given that joblessness will increment from 16 million out of 2017 to 18 million out of 2018. As per a World Bank report, 69% of the employments in India can be supplanted via mechanization. We are as of now observing Indian organizations like Raymond, Infosys slicing their workforce to suit computerization. As indicated by an examination led by Deloitte, a fourth of all the administration segment occupations on the planet are in danger because of robotization.