Business consultant services

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Hiring a permanent skill/ resource is a costly affair, but sometimes an organisation required one time advice or they need advice on time to time basis. For such type of requirements, it is neither feasible nor financially viable to have full time resource hired. To meet such requirements, it is always better to look for outside consultants who have both expert knowledge and also cost effective. Consultancy Business or Services is grown very speedily in last few decades.


Kind of Consultancy Services


Today, you can found any consultancy service for any vertical whether business, education, child care, medical services etc. But when we talk about typical business consultancy, generally following types of consultancy services are focused:


  • Investment and Financial consultancy
  • Manufacturing Consultancy
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Marketing Services
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Technical Consultants
  • Information Technology Services
  • Legal Consultants

Process of Consulting Service


  1. Preliminary discussion with client about his requirements
  2. Assessing of skill set available vs client requirements by Consultancy
  3. Discussion with client for scope finalisation, timeline & agreement
  4. Resource allocation, clarity for execution to team
  5. Opening meeting with client team
  6. Start of execution and data collection
  7. Follow up and regular discussion with client
  8. Regular MIS to and feedback from client
  9. Final handover and discussion with management
  10. Keeping all the details about client as per confidentiality agreement


Key Factors in Consulting Services


  • Clear understanding of client needs
  • Provide them ‘Value for Money’
  • Deploy best resources as per required skill set
  • Clarity about ‘Scope of work’
  • Timely delivery and regular feedback
  • Modification in approach as and when required
  • Confidentiality of Information
  • Using latest technology and data analytics


Corevyan – a solution provider & value creator


Earning money/ profits is the ultimate goal and necessary for the survival of the business. But, we Corevyan team have thought beyond that. We believe that if you provide the best services beyond client expectation and best value for money to the client, no one can stop you from getting success and earning profits. So, our dedicated team is working for the satisfaction of the client and giving best return to his money.


Corevyan has been created only for providing support in those fields where the business doesn’t have expertise or they don’t want to hire the permanent skill set. We provide consultancy in all domain to Indian as well as outside India investors. For details please visit

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