Energy and Utility

Energy and Utility

Asia is the biggest Source as well as the Consumer for Power, Oil and Gas. Considering the fact that Asian Countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan etc. are Developing Countries and they are moving very fast in Infrastructure development.

There are lot of opportunities in the Asia in Power, Oil and Gas Sectors as the Demand is increasing many folds considering the rapid growth strategy of respective  countries.


India is biggest opportunity for Global oil Producers and they are eyeing on India to enter into Indian growing refinery sector. If we go by the data, India is the third biggest importer of oil. India is looking for to increase its refining capacity many fold.


Latest Development in Energy Sector

If we believe in latest news for Energy Sector,

  • Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) is under preliminary discussion to buy some stake in Indian Refinery.
  • Saudi Aramco latest signed a deal to buy a 50 percent stake in the $44-billion planned project in Maharashtra, India with an option to share a part of its equity with a new foreign partner.

Future of Energy Sector

It is an accepted fact that we cannot (generally) predict the future, but yes for energy sector future in India seems to be very positive and bright. This is based on few key facts, like:

  • GDP growth of India is very high and it is moving higher in world economic growth. So, increasing GDP will definitely attract higher oil consumption.
  • Refineries across Europe are expected to close within next 10-15 years and therefore margins will come under pressure for oil exporters to Europe. To meet that situation, Investors are looking for some nearby markets like India.
  • Good prospects due to liberal Open Acerage Licencing Policy (OALP). In this policy approvals are faster and easier.

Key Benefits in India

  1. Negative fluctuations in Indian Rupees as against USD. Increase in local refineries will reduce this problem automatically.
  2. Decrease in Import will certainly reduce the international price of crude oil. India will ultimately the beneficiary for reduction in crude oil prices (for import part)
  3. Burden of subsidy on Government will also reduce due to reduction in oil imports
  4. This will attract more Investment and as a result more & more jobs will come out, more tax collections

How Corevyan can help?

Corevyan can help any Investor by following different ways:

  • Providing support in searching Joint Venture partner in India
  • Consultancy for all technical and commercial issues
  • All support for Sales, Marketing and Distribution strategy as well as establishing office in India
  • Providing all legal guidance
  • Financial Advice