FDI foreign direct investment had profited India so much by investing in India as India companies had less investment and high profit and there are so much profitable business ideas in India. These are some good points that why invest in India’s food factory.

Food processing ‘A dawn segment’

With a huge food market that is quick extending, energizing development in the retail area and alluring monetary strategies and financial motivators, India’s food biological system is the place to be in. Sustenance division has risen as high development and high-benefit area because of its colossal potential for esteem expansion, especially inside the food processing industry. The Industry is quickly extending with 42 uber food parks being set up with a designated venture of USD 2.3 bn.

By 2020, Indian food industry is relied upon to twofold to USD 140 bn

By 2020, Indian food and retail advertise is anticipated to contact USD 482 bn

By 2020, food preparing part has the capability of drawing in USD 33 bn of interest in coming years

By 2030, Indian yearly family unit utilization to treble, making India fifth biggest buyer

100% FDI is allowed under the programmed course in sustenance handling enterprises

100% FDI is permitted through government endorsement course to trade, incorporating through web-based business in regard of food items made or delivered in India.

Industry Scenario

The prepared food showcase, as of now esteemed at USD 322 bn in 2016, is required to develop to USD 543 bn by 2020 at a CAGR of 14.6%.

Food handling has a vital part to play in connecting Indian agribusiness to shoppers in the local and global markets. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) is trying all endeavours to support speculations over the esteem chain. The part has a sum of 38, 603 enlisted units with settled capital of USD 29.7 bn (INR 19,199,360 Lakh), around 1.77 mn people drew in and total yield of around USD 144.6 bn (INR 9,341,49 crores). Significant businesses constituting the sustenance preparing part are grains, sugar, palatable oils, drinks and dairy items.

Real food classes and their offer in the food handling part are as per the following:

Dry food basic supply: 34.7%

Drain and dairy items: 16%

New deliver: 15.6%

Perishables: 8%

Flavors: 6%

Others: 19.7%


Indian food preparing industry has two noteworthy sub-fragments:


Food and basic supply retail (92%)

Foodservice showcase (8%)


Government/Ministry Department

Service of Food Processing Industries

Sustenance Safety and Standards Authority of India

Horticulture and Processed Foods Export Development Authority

Service of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare

Marine Products Export Development Authority.


Industry Association

Industry Content Data

Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry (CIFTI)

All India Food Processors Association

Rundown of State Agricultural Universities

Rundown of SAUs offering courses in Food Science and Technology and Dairy Technology

Rundown of Institutions concentrating on Horticulture Crops

Establishment concentrating on Post Harvest Technology

Rundown of Institutions concentrating on Dairy, Meat and Fisheries