Tripura: Largest bamboo delivering

Tripura imparts its universal fringe to Bangladesh on three sides, running 856 km. A power surplus state, Tripura likewise supplies capacity to Bangladesh. Tripura Power Project is one of the greatest clean advancement systems on the planet. The foundation of the state gives smooth availability rest of the nation through a household airplane terminal in Agartala, street and rail arrange.


Tripura is principally known for its agri-items like bamboo, espresso, pineapple, cashew nut and tea. The state is likewise the biggest maker of jackfruit and second-biggest maker of elastic in India. Elastic and tea-based ventures frame the prime offer of the mechanical base in the state, with late improvements in bond and steel-based enterprises. The state has set up elastic and sustenance parks to help existing and potential financial specialists. Moreover, Tripura likewise has five modern domains, a development focus and a fare advancement mechanical stop.


Key up and coming undertakings:


Innovation focuses to be set up in Tripura for little and medium undertakings


Mechanical Rubber Park in Bodhungnagar, spread crosswise over 24 ha


Brilliant Cities Mission, for which Agartala is the city distinguished in Tripura